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Cannot edit .profile on Mac OS Catalina

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I wanted to declare $JAVA_HOME in .profile in /etc folder for Mac. I gave it permission using chmod 777 profile still it doesn't let me edit it.

I am new to development in mac.

Following is the error I get

enter image description here

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Try to edit the .profile from your user, and not the one under /etc (to edit that one you need sudo rights, and even if you do edit it, most probably it won't be read correctly).

So, as a regular user (not sudo), open the one from your user. Using open (as in your screenshot, but I would rather choose vim). One of the below commands should work:

open ~/.profile 


open /Users/${your-username}/.profile 

I guess ${your-username} is divya, so the complete path would be:

open /Users/divya/.profile 

If you get an error saying The File /.../.profile does not exist, first create an empty one:

touch ~./profile 

Add in the .profile file, the following line:

export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_202.jdk/Contents/Home 

(make sure to use the Java version installed on your machine)

Then, for the changes to take place, either restart your terminal window, or type:

source ~/.profile 

And to validate that you've set the $JAVA_HOME correctly:

echo $JAVA_HOME 

Followed by:

java -version