Razor pay route payments using php

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ive been using razor pays normal checkout feature

  <script type="text/javascript">               var options = {                   "key": "rzp_****_*********",                   "amount": 10000,                   "currency": "INR",                   "name": "XYZ",                   "description": "Payment For Appointment at XYZ Limited",                   "image": "https://XYZ.in/public/theme/images/re-logo.png",                    "handler": function (response) {                       var payid = response.razorpay_payment_id;                       $('#transaction_id').val(payid);                       $('#paymentform').submit();                     },                   "prefill": {                       "name": "Name",                       "email": "Email"                   },                   "notes": {                       "address": "note value"                   },                   "theme": {                       "color": "#F37254"                   }               };               var rzp1 = new Razorpay(options);               document.getElementById('payonlinebutton').onclick = function (e) {                   rzp1.open();                   e.preventDefault();               }             </script>  

But i want to use route payments now, and on razorpay's document they have only sample code for curl Can anyone help me with php solution if there is any.

i got his document but the concept is not that clear


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Install PHP SDK https://razorpay.com/docs/server-integration/php/ and call the function as per need